Stroke Center

The department of neurology at Taipei Medical University-Shuanghe Hospital has established a stroke center in October 2009.

Our multidisciplinary team of emergency medicine physicians, vascular neurosurgeons, interventional neuroradiologists and stroke care experts work together to provide immediate assessment and management. This team ensures the quality of treatment and care of acute stroke, vascular stenosis or blockage. There are neurologists on duty 24 hours a day.Working together with ED, patient with suspected acute ischemic strokes will complete acute stroke surveys in time, including computer tomography, blood testing, and nuclear magnetic resonance. Venous thrombolytic therapy will be administered in patient of symptoms within 4.5 hours of onset. For those with large artery occlusions, mechanical arterial thrombectomy can be arranged in patients presenting in the 6 to 24 hour time window. Our team provides a full-range of medical, surgical and image-guided care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to promote chances of good recovery. Time is brain. The sooner the treatment is performed; the better is the patients prognosis. 

The ischemic stroke team has organized many stroke group activities for post-stroke issues care and also assisted in the World Stroke Day. Our center has also established  Taiwan Stroke Friends Association-Shuanghe Branch since March 2, 2013, where patients and community can come together to addressed more comprehensive stroke-related help resources. We will continue to invest more in medical research and provide highest quality of care for all stroke patients in order to have better functional outcomes and quality of life.